Comprehensive Birth Chart Analysis

1.5 – 2 hrs / Zoom

USD 325

If this is your first reading, then this is the one to get. It is the most comprehensive reading that covers all areas of your life including personal strengths, life purpose, relationships, career, children, and so forth. You will get a snapshot of the forthcoming periods of opportunity and gains on which you can capitalize. Detailed forecast of the next year ahead. You will also be recommended remedial measures for healing planetary afflictions if any. You may ask any questions, and you will have your answers. Some of the most commonly asked questions are:

• What is my life’s purpose?

• How can I find more meaning in life?

• What is the best career for me?

• When am I going to get married / what should I do with my partner?

• When am I going to get a promotion?

• Should I change my job / when am I going to get a new job?

• When should I retire?

• Are my finances going to improve?

• Am I going to relocate?

• Am I going to have children?

Relationship Compatibility

1.5-2 hrs / Zoom

USD 350

Analyses compatibility between two people and what to expect from the relationship. This can be your romantic partner, spouse, child, colleague, or business partner.

If any, we will also focus on the relationship issues and how they can be improved.

Birth Time Rectification

Call & Email

USD 180

If your birth time is unknown, a deep analysis of your major life events, physical appearance, behavior, and relationships can determine the accurate time of birth.

Before you choose this service, make sure you have an idea whether your birth is morning, afternoon, or evening hours or a specific time range (such as between 9-11 AM, etc). If you are unsure about the date, then I may not be able to assist you.

This calculation is rather complex and laborious. I will need your full cooperation to share the date, time (if possible), and location of major live events. We will also have a video call before I start calculating as I need to observe your physical appearance, way of communication, and overall energy.

Update Reading

Call & Email

USD 250

This is for existing customers who already had Comprehensive Birth Chart Reading within the last 12 months. We focus on current life events and what to expect for the rest of the year. We will also look into your specific questions.

Your Child: Education and Career

1 hr / Zoom

USD 225

One of the most important concerns for parents, especially when their child reaches secondary or high school is ‘what studies are suitable for our child’…

What studies should he/she undertake? What skills does she/he have? Are we channeling him/her correctly? Is she/he going to be successful? What are their future career inclinations?

This reading focuses on these specific questions about your child…

Selecting Auspicious Time (Muhurta)

Call & Email

USD 250

This wonderful technique allows us to calculate the most auspicious celestial time to begin important things. Such as:

Engagement I Wedding I New Business I Meetings I Launch Events I Important Contracts I Surgery I Medical Treatment I Buying House I Publishing I Advertising I Advanced Studies I Exams I Initiations

Based on the type of event, I calculate the most auspicious celestial moments within a specific time range, match them with your personal chart, and select the most suitable one/s aligned with your individual chart. Relatively long process, but well worthy. I have experienced the magic of ‘Muhurta’ time after time, and highly recommend this one to you.

Just like humans, events also have a certain birth time – and hence birth chart! And they also have certain destiny…

‘No good ending can be expected in the absence of the right beginning’   I Ching

Here we will first schedule a 15-20 min call to discuss the important thing you intend to commence. Then you will receive a written report. If any questions, we continue with interactive e-mail correspondence.

How to Book:

Your Vedic Astrology reading will be done over video call (Zoom) at the scheduled time.

To book a reading, go to Book Now page and select the reading you are interested in. Once you select your reading, you will see an online calendar showing available time slots based on your time zone. Select your preferred time and date.

After fixing your slot, you will fill out a form (your contact details and birthplace/date/ time information). Then, you will be directed to a secure online payment platform (either by Credit Card or PayPal).

Once the payment is completed, you will immediately receive payment confirmation, and your appointment is fixed.

Within 24 hours after fixing your appointment,  you will receive a short form to be filled in. In this form, you can briefly summarize your current life circumstances and concerns, questions, and wishes. I will also send you a Zoom (or Skype) invitation at the same time as your appointment slot.

After your session is completed,  you will also receive a digital MP3 recording of your full reading, your birth chart, and other relevant documents for your records by e-mail.

If you are not sure what reading to book, or if you have any questions, you may always contact me at info@dharmavedas.com. I will respond to you within 24 hours.