Gizem Heukelom

Certified: Vedic Astrologer, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Teacher, Business Coach. Instructor at ‘American College of Vedic Astrology’ ACVA

I was born in 1979 in Izmir, Turkey.  Lived and worked a good part of my life abroad; in India, South Africa, the Netherlands, UAE, and Qatar. Currently based in Ankara and the Netherlands. 

I have been involved in astrology since  2000. I first learned  Classical Western Astrology from Hakan Kirkoglu between 2000-2002 in Turkey. Between 2002-2004, I lived and worked in South Africa and continued my studies with renowned South African astrologer Anita Noyes Smith.

My journey with Vedic Astrology began in 2009 when I visited India for the first time. Being a curious soul, immediately got birth chart readings from two Jyotishis (Vedic Astrologers) – one South Indian and the other North Indian.  The predictions given were incredibly spot on, nothing as precise as I had seen before… That’s when I understood how profound Jyotisha is and ardently started taking private classes from both of the Jyotishis after I permanently moved to India in 2010 up until leaving for the Netherlands in 2016.  In between, I also took 1 year of online classes from Sebnem Eksib in 2015.

Later, I continued my studies at the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA) for two years. I am certified as Level II (highest level)  ‘Jyotisha Prabhakara’.  In 2021, I became an instructor at ACVA as well. ACVA is one of the most eminent Vedic Astrology schools – certifying bodies in the world. 

During my studies at ACVA, I also took private tutoring from my Level II teacher and mentor Juliana Swanson where we focused on advanced methods of chart analysis and prediction. Later on, I took online courses from Ernst Wilhelm as well as some other eminent Jyotishis of varying schools. 

I have done hundreds of readings since I started practicing Jyotish in India. But that was not my full-time job… I became a professional Vedic Astrologer in 2018.  As you read through my background since 2000, you may wonder why not before? It is simply because I take astrology and the responsibility to give accurate readings very seriously.  Astrology is not an easy science to master. Every chart is unique and requires years of practice, deep knowledge, and attention to minute details to do a proper analysis and provide accurate guidance.

Coach and Teacher

Throughout my life, I had a deep interest in human behavior and psychology. I was naturally the kind of person people would easily open up to, share their deepest concerns, and find peace and motivation as we talked… Since my early 20s, I have taken various courses on personal development, healing, and coaching –  including Quantum Healing, Reiki, Outlook and Essence Workshops, Mindfulness Meditation and Coaching, Emotional Intelligence… During my years in India, I have also regularly attended numerous teachings of HH 17th Karmapa, HH Dalai Lama, and Ayang Rinpoche (Phowa Master).

Up until 2017, I was in the corporate world at senior level business development, sales & marketing, and corporate communications roles. My professional coaching life started in 2018 after I became a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, and Motivational Coach. I got these certifications in the Netherlands after intense hands-on training and practice. I am also a certified Business Coach and a Trainer. Most of the time I work one-to-one with clients. Also at times, I provide corporate training.

The services I offer are the ones that I absolutely believe in, and those that have worked for me … My life was neither an easy one up until my early 30s…  But I was lucky enough to experience the benefits of good coaches,  mentors, and healers on many occasions in my life.

Everybody needs support, encouragement, and accountability at certain turning points in their life, but not everybody has a good support system through their family or their friends… We also have career goals, financial goals, relationship goals, spiritual goals. And above all, we seek a purpose in life, so our life is one lived meaningfully… But we also have limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, and distractions. And change is hard… Big goals take big commitments… No matter how inspired we are by our dreams, our old patterns and habituated comforts will quickly zap our energy, and fade our drive… Or even when there is so much happening at once, and we feel overwhelmed and down…Doing something new or scary is always better, and more likely to happen with a partner or guide… This is where a good coach could be the most beneficial!

Through my experiences, I have also seen that standard life or business coaching may not be adequate if the intention is major breakthroughs or rapid results. That is why I incorporate effective  NLP techniques into my coaching style, which works wonders in a rapid and permanent way.

My Personal Breakthroughs

I have had quite a transformative and challenging life especially up until my early 30s. I am not going to bore you with so many details here, but it was tough…

I moved to India in 2010, and lived there till mid-2016 when the change really happened…

While I was having the hardest years of my life in Istanbul,  when I had just gone through an absolutely draining bankruptcy and a sickly relationship, I visited my mother in 2009 in Delhi. She was recently appointed there due to her position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There, I met two Indian Jyotishis who both predicted that I would move to India next year, and my life would change drastically there! I would be very successful, famous, would find my true partner, and would reach high levels of spirituality and Dharma…

After a few months, through funny coincidences (actually not coincidences) I got a job in a Turkish Company in Aviation Industry that was just settling its operations in India. I knew nothing about the sector, but they still gave me a job because I was so keen to move to India.

Was not so easy in the beginning, but I was determined to learn and succeed. But nothing so amazing was happening yet… I went to the Jyotishi again, he told me to hold on,  my Sun period (Mahadasha) would begin soon, and that would be the best time of my life!

Up until those days, although I had gained so much knowledge in astrology,  personal development, and healing, I still was not a very spiritual or gentle person – on the contrary quite short-tempered and very competitive to succeed… After settling in Delhi, I started to do many healing remedies with the guidance of Jyotishis including daily mantras, Nava Graha Homes, Pujas… At that time again, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful Life Coach who held my hand while sailing through the period of transformation.

Bodhgaya and the Bodhi Tree

After over a year of living in Delhi,  I found out that Lord Buddha was enlightened under the Bodhi Tree in a small town called Bodhgaya in India. With a strong calling, I went there in November 2011.

Bodhgaya is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage locations in the world, home to the great Mahabodhi  Temple where the original Bodhi Tree still exists! The most auspicious thing to do there is to sit under the Bodhi tree, pray and surrender to the amazing energy… So I did;  wholeheartedly prayed for hours to connect me with my higher self, to find my Dharma, and to clear me of the blockages existing from the past… It was an amazingly peaceful and blissful experience… Very hard to express in words…

When I returned back to Delhi, I heard from almost everyone that I was resonating with light and that I had changed…. Even my mother said I became an angelic person, no more short temper… Many friends were curious about what happened to me there, and wanted to come to Bodhgaya when I would go next…  I started to go to Bodhgaya regularly every 2-3 months with a variety of interested friends at times… Miracles as well happened in my life, some of the unresolved problems in my past resolved fast and smoothly in a matter of weeks after my first visit… In my other visits, I had some other amazing experiences such as meeting the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa in person and getting his blessings, meeting Phowa Master Ayang Rinpoche, and later on extending my journey to Dharamsala, the residence of HH Dalai Lama for his teachings…

I had really become a well-wishing and kind person, doing good things for people, and rapidly succeeding at work as the Indian Astrologers had predicted. After having worked in the Turkish company for 3 years and getting gradually promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager,  I shifted to a local company as Vice President…  And I developed fame in Delhi being a successful woman in the industry.

As I worked on healing myself and transformed,  I also met my spouse and got married short after… He is Dutch; just like me, he was also living and working in India at that time.

Learning Vedic Astrology in India

I  took classes from two Indian Astrologers during my stay in India for 6 years until I left India in 2016.  What really pulled me into learning Vedic Astrology was that I had personally experienced the accuracy of its spot-on predictions and the spiritual philosophy behind it…

After India

I moved to the Netherlands, then Dubai, and then to Doha from 2016 onwards due to my husband’s postings. I got a Business Development Manager role in Dubai in Aviation Industry again, but that lasted short. The call was so strong to heal, guide, and serve humanity… It was yet another major transformation, and was not easy at all initially… But once one is tuned with her life’s purpose with a pure heart, then it truly works. I am a professional Vedic Astrologer, a Coach, and a Teacher since 2018 and blessed to see that many people’s lives are touched positively, many success stories are written, many relationships are healed through our sessions…

Currently, I am based in Turkey and the Netherlands both.

Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha)

Vedic Astrology, originally called ‘Jyotisha’ in Sanskrit, is the astrological science of India. It is a  profound tool for self-realization and accurately reveals our life purpose and destiny. By analyzing our birth chart, we know what to expect about our career, relationships, children, financial success, life lessons, and spiritual evolution. We can see periods of rising and opportunity versus periods of caution. Be prepared when we need to be cautious, and be even more ready for times of opportunity to reap more rewards!

As Jyotisha is a spiritual Astrology system based on the divine principle of ‘Karma’, it also sheds light on our eternal presence beyond this life –  where we come from, why we go through certain experiences, where we are heading, how the journey is going to be, and what are the areas to improve and remedy. It offers remedies if there are difficult planetary energies and blockages in our life. This is the part I love the most about Jyotisha, if there is a problem, then there is also a remedy…

Jyotisha is the study of Man and the Cosmos as any other Astrological system. It has similarities with Western Astrology, but with profound differences, especially regarding predictive techniques. Predictions made with Jyotisha are amazingly accurate and straightforward…

If you want to know:

  • Your life’s purpose,
  • Unique skills and gifts,
  • What to expect from marriage, children, financial success, career, education, spiritual development,
  • When to expect promotion,  success, marriage, spiritual transformation,

Then a Birth Chart reading has all the answers for you!

My Philosophy on giving Birth Chart Readings

You can expect a compassionate, caring, and non-judgmental attitude.

Many fear that astrologers are doomsayers. But with me, you will not get that. I focus on tuning you in with your highest potential and pointing out the best times where you can truly succeed with your goals. At the same time, I do not hide challenges if I see them – but rather give you remedies and caution while sailing through those moments. Not scare you… Nothing is absolutely carved on stone, and we can even remedy the though karmic patterns through the right thoughts and actions.

I may warn you not to take such risks, get your health checked, or keep patient in your relationships at certain times. The way certain potentials will unfold is totally up to you… And you can avoid losses by being cautious. I may also encourage you to take risks and succeed exponentially when the period is good. Astrology is a wonderful guide, how we shape the rest is entirely up to us.

Complete Confidentiality – all our conversations are strictly and completely confidential.

Note: I include overall health analysis in our readings. But as a principle,  I do not analyze questions on critical diseases such as ‘Is she/he going to recover or not‘.

How to Get a Birth Chart Reading

Your Vedic Astrology reading will be done over video call (Zoom) at the scheduled time. 

To book a reading, go to Vedic Astrology Services and select the reading you are interested in. Once you select your reading, you will see an online calendar showing available time slots based on your time zone. Select your preferred time and date.

After fixing your slot, you will fill out a form (your contact details and birthplace/date/ time information). Then, you will be directed to a secure online payment platform (either by Credit Card or PayPal).

Once the payment is completed, you will immediately receive payment confirmation, and your appointment is fixed.

Within 24 hours after fixing your appointment,  you will receive a short form to be filled in. In this form, you can briefly summarize your current life circumstances and concerns, questions, and wishes. I will also send you a Zoom (or Skype) invitation at the same time as your appointment slot.

After your session is completed,  you will also receive a digital MP3 recording of your full reading, your birth chart, and other relevant documents for your records by e-mail.

If you are not sure what reading to book, or if you have any questions, you may always contact me at info@dharmavedas.com. I will respond to you within 24 hours.


Coaching is a widely misunderstood subject. By some, it is considered a modern form of therapy or a professional listener. But it isn’t. Coaches are not therapists.

In fact, the majority of people go for coaching because they want more and better in their life. Or when they are going through challenges, and changes and need a dependable support system to provide direction, accountability, and encouragement throughout the way…

Coaches are solution and action-oriented. They work with you to brainstorm your desired goals, and outcomes and create actionable plans for achievement. They provide accountability and encouragement to help you stay on track towards those goals. Develop confidence or increase your motivation to make life changes, or to handle the hurdles with confidence and motivation.

No matter how strong or successful we might be,  we all need support at times. Two are stronger than one! Especially when we have big goals. Or when we are navigating through life’s transformations, and challenges where we need direction, motivation, and courage. Or when we sigh there has got to be more to life than this, unsure what our life’s purpose is, and how to tune into a more meaningful rewarding life… This is where appropriate coaching is the most effective tool and can be the best thing we can gift to ourselves…

I offer two coaching packages:

Astro Coaching

This is a unique method of combining Vedic astrological knowledge with coaching techniques. The best part of Astro Coaching is that you are not left only with a  birth chart reading, but with the guidance of your birth chart and the potentials promised therein,  together we set goals, create action plans and improve the challenging areas of your life.

As we go along with our sessions, we will also analyze the auspicious astrological timing to put plans into action, and check when you can expect to reap the fruits of your efforts. Focus on your relationship concerns, and if needed, check your synastry (compatibility) chart with your spouse or business associate to get a true insight into how the relationship can be improved.

Astro Coaching has a spiritual bent and focuses a lot on the law of ‘Karma’.  If you are not a natural believer in ‘Karma’, then I encourage you to take the NLP Life Coaching Package.

NLP Life & Business Coaching

Here I use  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), through which you will get permanent and rapid achievements in your desired objectives compared to normal coaching styles.

Based on Harvard and MIT research, 85-95% of decisions happen at our Sub-Conscious level. Our ‘Conscious Mind’ represents only the small tip of the iceberg, where 90% bulk of it is concealed underneath- which is our ‘Sub-Conscious Mind’.  If that 90% bulk,  Sub-Conscious mind,  is not convinced of the decisions we make, then we simply get very temporary results or no results at all…  ‘NLP’ directly reaches out to our Sub-Conscious mind. And a fully activated Sub-Conscious mind makes our desired objectives achievable rapidly, powerfully, and permanently.

How to Book Coaching

Your Coaching sessions will be done over video call (Zoom or Skype).

You can book coaching packages under Coaching Services.

If this is your first coaching with me, I encourage you to first schedule a 15-minute free call, and let’s talk! We will discuss your objectives and concerns,  look into the areas where you need coaching, and I will suggest which package would be the most suitable for you to take.